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Don’t Stress

Charged with DWI in NJ?
Feeling Stressed & Uncertain?

If you are like most of my clients, you are feeling overwhelmed – i.e. stressed. Stress is a feeling of fear – and your fear comes from uncertainty. You probably feel uncertain about your sentencing exposure, the legal process and dealing with a possible DWI conviction. How will you work without a license, how will you care for your family and affairs, how will you pay your bills, and if you are facing jail time, how will you be able to handle jail? All of these questions are likely causing extreme anxiety. Your anxiety is normal – it is also a helpful emotion which is calling you to take action to get prepared to face the situation.

There is no way for you to be absolutely certain what will happen as your case progresses. A DWI charge is like a being on a voyage in a ship in very stormy and treacherous waters. The only certainty you can give yourself is your choice of a lawyer who will protect you and navigate you through the process – your choice of a solid ship captain if you will. A devoted, experienced, and focused DWI defense lawyer will give you some level of certainty.

DWI Defense and related Municipal Court charges is the focus of my practice – this is all I do. I do not handle wills, personal injury cases, real estate closings, divorces or even felony-type criminal cases – I defend DWI charges in New Jersey. I probably try more DWI cases in a year than most lawyers try in their career. I am not a generalist – I do one thing and one thing only – defend against DWI charges.

I enjoy defending DWI chargesĀ  – this is why I chose to focus my practice on DWI defense. I cannot fully eliminate the uncertainty that you are feeling – the fact is that these cases are uncertain. However, I can give you the certainty of a thorough, aggressive, professional and passionate defense. I can give you the certainty of knowing that you have a devoted, focused professional on your side to protect you and guide you through the process.

Feeling uncertain about a DWI charge should not mean feeling added uncertainty about your legal representation. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding your case and my services.