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Zealous Defense

Why Zealous Defense Of New Jersey DWI Charges Is Important
Alan M. Dershowitz, Esq. (famed Harvard Law Professor and member of the O.J. Simpson “Dream Team”) once said this about his role as a defense attorney:  “Once I decide to take a case, I have only one agenda: I want to win. I will try, by every fair and legal means, to get my client off.” (Alan M. Dershowitz, The Best Defense, 1982 at page xv).

Dershowitz says: “The zealous defense attorney is the last bastion of liberty – the final barrier between an overreaching government and its citizens. The job of the defense attorney is to challenge the government; to make those in power justify their conduct in relation to the powerless; to articulate and defend the right of those who lack the ability or resources to defend themselves. (Even the rich are relatively powerless – less so, of course, than the poor – when confronting the resources of a government prosecutor). (Alan M. Dershowitz, The Best Defense, 1982 at page 415).

I was recently being driven to the airport (to attend a DWI Defense seminar) by a Jordanian Immigrant. He told me that when he visits Jordan, he is flocked by Jordanians begging to come to the United States. The motive – not the ability to earn more money and to acquire and be surrounded by more material resources (as I thought), but liberty and freedom.

Freedom is a vital part of what makes the United States a great democracy. Defense Attorneys protect that freedom by assuring that the power of the government is kept in check. As Dershowitz states “[t]hose who argue that defense attorneys should limit their representation to the innocent, or indeed, to any specific group or category, open the door to a system where the government decides who is, and who is not, entitled to a defense. Granting that power to the government, to the bar, or to any establishment, marks the beginning of the end of an independent defense bar – and the beginning of the end of liberty.” (Alan M. Dershowitz, The Best Defense, 1982 at page 416).

New Jersey DWI laws are perhaps the strictest in the Nation. Accordingly, the vast majority of Defendants charged with DWI will quickly crumble under the power of the State and plead guilty. Sadly, far too often, guilty pleas are accompanied by poor advice from inexperienced or lazy counsel. No defense representation or inadequate representation is to the Constitution what a cancer is to a healthy and vibrant body. Once a State charge is tantamount to guilt, innocence is no longer presumed, the Constitution is meaningless, and a “police state” exists.

I am a protector of my clients and of the liberties which form the soul of the United States. By passionately representing a client charged with DWI, the immense power of the State is maintained in check, and the integrity of the process is preserved. When I defend a client charged with DWI (and remember before guilt is proven by the State beyond a reasonable doubt, a DWI ticket is merely an allegation), I am committed (both ethically and morally) to do everything within the bounds of legality and ethics to win.